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As an organization of organizations, individuals do not join NAICL. Rather, NAICL works with members of our financially committed member institutions around Coconino County.

Membership Eligibility:

Local institutions, including congregations, schools, neighborhood organizations, business alliances, employee groups, etc. are eligible for membership if:

  • The institution has a tradition of life-affirming values;
  • The institution believes in the democratic process; and
  • The institution has individual or family members and a structure of leadership and decision making.

Member Expectations
All NAICL member institutions contribute in four ways:

  • Building an institutional organizing team;
  • Participating in the stewardship campaign that helps finance the organization;
  • Acting in concert with the NAICL strategy, regional clusters and clergy caucuses; and
  • Involving their members and neighbors in the surrounding community to work on behalf of the common good.

Member Opportunities
NAICL uses the broad-based institutional model pioneered by the Industrial Areas Foundation. All learning is based on the “Iron Rule”: Never do for others what they can do for themselves. Professional organizers and senior NAICL leaders assist congregations with:

  • Institutional development;
  • Leader identification and training;
  • Community outreach;
  • Strategic Actions to benefit the community;
  • “Public Friendships” in an intentionally diverse environment; and
  • Development of a culture of reflection and accountability, connecting faith traditions and values.

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